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Keeping Children Motivated

Keeping children motivated

Initial recreation in after school activities tends to wane after the first excitement is over. This is but natural. The trick is to keep spreading the hard work even after this. How do you keep your child motivated? This is of particular effect when the child goes in for educational after school programs.

Make the employment - academics connection early on:
Sublet your child understand how important studies are. Hire him know that an excellent career is wholly dependent on wholesome learning. To grow his interest effect studies, plan family activities that are connected with his studies. Emphasize the real - microcosm connection to academics whenever possible.

Set goals:
Agreement your child know, through example, that hard work will be rewarded. If your child believes that achievement is a natural by - product of effort, he is more eventual to put in hard work. Such children are also less likely to drop out of programs and college at a later stage.

Offertory success:
When a child achieves something, it is necessary to praise his hard work. Assured reinforcements enhance confidence and enlargement self - esteem. Conversely, beware of criticism. It can ruin the hesitant ego of children and play havoc with their minds.




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